Exam Centre Customer Service Charter

Welcome to the Oxford School of Padova

The Oxford School of Padova is committed to providing an excellent level of customer service and strives to maintain high standards at all times. This Customer Service Charter outlines the quality of service you can expect from us.


We are 100% committed to providing you with the best candidate experience possible.

In order to meet this promise, our staff endeavours to be accomodating and friendly at all times, ready and willing to help you reach your potential.

You can expect us to:

  • treat all our customers with respect, honesty and fairness
  • take the time to understand our candidates’ needs and develop solutions to meet or exceed them.
  • build long-term loyalty with our preparation centres with a commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • ask for feedback and review our processes to ensure we are continuously improving.

We always enjoy hearing from our candidates, teachers, parents and schools. 

We’re always working to achieve our customer promise and do our best to react whenever issues arise.  If you do have cause for complaint, however, then you can find our centre complaints policy HERE